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Walhalla Tarps.

Tarps can be made in either Hex, Rectangle or Winter with doors. You can choose an 11',  12' or 13' foot ridge line, and a width of 10', 12', or 15'. Tarps are made with a 1.1 oz polyester ripstop (silpoly).This fabric is coated with a silicone/PU layer on each side and is waterproof/non-breathable. In addition to excellent waterproof/windproof characteristics, Silpoly offers lower water absorption and increased UV resistance compared to Silnylon. Particularly useful in outdoor applications to minimize sag/stretch when wet and color fade over time.

All tarps come with side pullouts and seem sealed. Guy lines are sold separately. Winter tarps have snaps on doors to keep closed. If you are wanting to use a pole mod let me know when ordering and I will make the tarp to fit the poles.

$130 - 12’x10’ silpoly rectangular tarp

$120 - 12’x10hex tarp silpoly

$130 - 12’x10 hex silpoly membrane lite weight

$140 - 12’x10’ silpoly membrane Rectangle tarp approximately 10 oz

$180 - 12x10 Silpoly membrane winter tarp with doors

$165 - 12’x10 winter tarp with doors

$190 - 12’x12winter tarp with doors silpoly xl wide

$280 - Outdoor ink winter tarp with doors.

$240 – 15’ x 15’ Dining Tarp


$65 - double internal pole mod kit for 10-foot-wide tarps

$75 - double internal pole mod kit for 12’ wide tarps and

$65 - for 10-foot-wide tarps.

Now offering blue, green, yellow, and purple reflective Cordage $0.35 per foot.

$3 each Titanium shepherd hook Tent Stakes.


Tarp snake skin - $25 or $18 with tarp purchase

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