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Walhalla Hammocks.

Hammocks come in either a single layer or a double layer and are offered in three different lay directions. Head right (left asym), head left (right asym) or symmetrical. We  also offer customizations and removable net and winter covers. Hammocks can be made from any of the fabrics listed below.

Hammock 5.jpg

All hammocks come with 83% ridge line, Ridgeline organizer, and stuff sack, (suspensions sold separately).


$45 - netless hammock 1.9 ripstop nylon

$55 - netless hammock 1.6 hyperD

$65 - netless wide hammock 1.6 hyperD xl, 1.0 monolite, or 1.7 MTN XL Single layer hammock with integrated bug net.  Bug net has 4 zipper pulls which makes it easy to get in and out from either side. You can also unzip the bug net when not needed and stuff it into the stuff sack at the foot end. All hammocks with integrated bug net include 4 quilt hooks.


$135 - 1.9 ripstop nylon

$160 - hyperD, hyperD xl, 1.0 monolite, or 1.7 MTN xl

$175 - 1.5 monolite

$240 - outdoor ink

+$15 - upgrade to monolite top cover Double layer hammocks

$160 - 1.9 ripstop nylon both layers

$170 - 1.9 ripstop nylon outer and 1.0 hyperD inside

$200 - 1.6 hyperD outer and 1.0 inside

$230 - wide 1.6 hyperD xl, 1.7 MTN, or 1.0 monolite or a combination of any two

$300 - outdoor ink outer and 1.0 or 1.6 hyperD inside

+$18 - to upgrade to monolite top cover Maddog hammock double layer hammock with removable bug net and or winter cover

$255 - standard width double layer in hyperD with bug net and winter cover

$280 - wide Body double layer with winter cover and bugnet in 1.7 MTN, 1.0 monolite , or hyperD XL. without OD INK.

$440 - in outdoor ink Standard width double layer. outdoor ink bug net, hammock body, and winter cover.


$25 - Clinch buckle with 1” webbing

$7 - Set Whoopi slings.

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